São Paulo: a city guide

The vibrant cultural and financial capital of Brazil, São Paulo is a thriving metropolis that draws visitors in with infinite magnetic appeal. Ask any paulistino what they think of their city, and they’ll be more than glad to share their favourite spots and stories. Of course, we thought we’d save you the trouble, so we’ve rounded up a selection of our very own recommendations: read on to find the best eateries for steak and sushi, epic views over the city, and the coolest cultural spots in town. Continue reading São Paulo: a city guide

A guide to the best restaurants and bars in Cape Town

South Africa is probably best known for its beaches, mountains and safari parks. But, did you know, it has one of the most incredible emerging food scenes? You might immediately think of game meats cooked on a braai but, while this is a delicious food experience, Cape Town has so much more to offer its hungry visitors. The coastal location lends itself to some of the best seafood your heart could desire, while the Cape-Malay influence brings the most delectable subtle curry flavours. Local restaurants experiment with a multitude of international flavours and married with the quality of the local ingredients, you are always in for a treat.  Continue reading A guide to the best restaurants and bars in Cape Town

Discover Jersey, the Curiously Brit…(ish) staycation

Straddled between two nations with a cultural atmosphere all of its own, Jersey is not your typical staycation. There’s an adventurous, going-abroad feel to it, with quick and easy flights or ferry transfers needed to get there. Jersey is wonderfully hassle-free, with no testing, no isolation or travel forms to complete for UK travellers. Throw in gorgeous coastlines and the sunniest climate in the British Isles, and you have the makings of a curiously Brit…(ish) staycation. Continue reading Discover Jersey, the Curiously Brit…(ish) staycation

Off-season adventures on the Greek mainland

On the Greek mainland, there’s a surprising collection of destinations to explore. White peaks and fir forest trails, winding pistes and hearty rural delicacies await in a clutch of mountainside villages. This is not your everyday Greece getaway; this is Greece in the off-season, where there’s a truly remarkable set of gorgeous villages, towns and landscapes to explore. Continue reading Off-season adventures on the Greek mainland

A Ghentish winter wonderland

Quirky and captivating, bubbling with cultural treasures and chilled out haunts, Ghent is a city quite unlike any other. As winter settles over its medieval cobblestone streets, Ghent sparkles into life with its unique flavour of magic. Old world vibes meet contemporary flair and energy, and the result is a city escape where you can indulge, explore and experience everything from cutting edge music, vinyl-soundtracked … Continue reading A Ghentish winter wonderland