Secret Guide: Barbados

Swaying palm trees, sugar-white beaches, flying fish and endless rum cocktails: that’s Barbados in a nutshell. This island, despite measuring just 25 kilometres across, packs a mighty punch. Days spent beach-lounging and cocktail-sipping are perfectly complemented by endlessly scenic vistas, unforgettable hidden sights, and a heck of a lot of history. Discover our top recommendations to help fuel your wanderlust, and give you reasons you never expected to visit this Caribbean island. Continue reading Secret Guide: Barbados

Caribbean calling: our favourite islands and things to do

It’s no surprise that when you think of gorgeous island getaways, you think of the Caribbean. Here’s a list of our favourite islands and the things you need to do when you visit. Antigua A patchwork of colourful villages and sheltered coves make Antigua a stylish, sun-drenched getaway. Antigua was historically the premier Caribbean destination, now lesser travelled and therefore a truly serene outpost in … Continue reading Caribbean calling: our favourite islands and things to do

Island-hopping around the Caribbean

Is there anywhere on the planet more synonymous with paradise than the Caribbean? A tumble of islets and cays between Florida and Venezuela, this beauteous region evokes images of powder-soft sands, absurdly clear waters, good humoured locals and a no-worries vibe. Some of the world’s best thriving reefs are here, not to mention acres of virgin rainforest to swing through and hidden waterfalls to clamber … Continue reading Island-hopping around the Caribbean