Six of the best virtual attractions you can enjoy from your sofa

If your next holiday feels like a mere blip on the horizon and you’re in need of a travel fix fast, there’s now a way to see your favourite sights without having to set foot outside your door. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best virtual attractions you can visit from the comfort of your living room. Continue reading Six of the best virtual attractions you can enjoy from your sofa


The world’s best destinations for solo travel

Joining the solo travel tribe may seem a little daunting, but it means discovering the treasures of the world exactly the way you want to – it’s the greatest form of self-indulgence. You can make new friends or be left in total peace, you can explore at your own pace and you can eat whatever cuisine you fancy, whenever you like. Whether it’s an action-packed trip of a lifetime or a laid-back city sojourn, these are the top destinations you should explore to master the art of solo travel. Continue reading The world’s best destinations for solo travel

The world’s most LGBTQ+-friendly travel destinations

From LA to London and Berlin to Bangkok, there are pockets of cities all over the world where LGBTQ+ people have made a home for themselves since the historic Stonewall Riots in 1969 and even longer ago. If you’re looking for a getaway where you can live and love in the company of like-minded LGBTQ+ friends, look no further than these rainbow-filled destinations. Continue reading The world’s most LGBTQ+-friendly travel destinations

Secret guide: Queens & The Bronx

Manhattan may be seductively enthralling, but to miss Queens and the Bronx is to miss the real Big Apple. This is where New Yorkers live and any visit promises an authentic flavour of NYC life. Both are wildly diverse, with communities that create a rich tapestry of cultural delights. Discover down-to-earth diners and contemporary cool in a host of hip galleries, with a legacy that … Continue reading Secret guide: Queens & The Bronx

Secret guide: Brooklyn

Move over Manhattan; make way for Brooklyn – the isle’s hip, younger sibling. An influx of artists and creatives in search of more affordable rents turned this into a den of celebrated creativity, where hipster bars sit snug alongside age-old Mom & Pop diners. Galleries, live music, excellent river views and indie businesses make Brooklyn a truly unique neighbourhood where new ideas and artisan flair … Continue reading Secret guide: Brooklyn

Secret guide: Manhattan

The epicentre of New York City is a magnificent collection of bucket-list topping icons. Immortalised on screen and in music the world over, Manhattan is uniquely familiar, yet offers constant surprises with each visit. It seamlessly mixes stalwart classics with burgeoning new scenes, constantly pushing boundaries and laying the standard for style and glamour across the world. Alight at coveted restaurants, world-leading museums, glamorous bars … Continue reading Secret guide: Manhattan