Corsica’s natural beauty is an enviable sight

Corsica is one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Wild forests and jutting mountains dominate the interior, but where the land meets the sea, gorgeous beaches await. Discover what each can offer below, for a truly beguiling outdoor escape.

The Interior

Corsica is a sublime landscape for outdoor lovers. Though the beaches may get plenty attention, the mountains, river valleys and ancient forests of the interior offer a wealth of glorious landscapes and intrepid adventures. Sea and mountain sit side-by-side, creating a unique terrain that makes Corsica one of the finest, untouched outdoor spots in the Mediterranean.

Canyoning & Biking

Corsica is blessed, particularly in the south, with some gloriously dramatic canyons. Traverse these in the most intrepid possible way, with kayaking and climbing set to test your mettle in gorgeous landscapes. Abseil and slide down glorious waterfalls before trailing your way through crystal-clear waters that cut vast cliffs in two. Niolu offers some of the most daring mountain bike trails, yet you’ll find excellent biking routes that criss-cross the island from top to bottom.

Vallée du Tavignano

Corsica’s deepest gorge is a veritable playground for outdoor lovers. It’s charmingly inaccessible, with a long hike leading you into the heart of this breathtakingly beautiful valley. If that sounds like too much work, horse treks can take you deep into this natural wonderland.

Aiguilles de Bavella, l’Alta Rocca

These striking, craggy peaks pierce the land, offering one of the most dramatic views in Corsica. Trails wind their way around them, hiding cool, blue pools of water at the base of picturesque waterfalls. The wider region of l’Alta Rocca is great for further exploration, with hiking trails winding through this captivating landscape.


Corsica is blessed with stunning hiking trails. Try the Mare a Mare, the shortest coast to coast route that makes for an easy hike in stunning scenery. For a picture of the island’s natural diversity, the Tra Mare e Monti encapsulates the sea and mountains landscape, trailing between both. Finally, the GR20, widely regarded as one of the most challenging hiking trails in Europe, crosses the entire island from the north-west to the south-east. The northern half is considered the most stunning and therefore, of course, the most challenging.

The Coastline

Locked in the heart of the Mediterranean, Corsica is awash with inviting beaches of pure white sand, kissed by gloriously turquoise waters. Dive into its depths and discover fascinating marine life, or find your own private paradise in the Scandola Reserve.

The West Coast

The western coastline shelters some glorious natural sights. A wonderfully inaccessible spot is the Réserve Naturelle de Scandola. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is only accessible by boat, making it a serene landscape of jutting peaks and inlets. Included in the UNESCO designation are the Calanche de Piana, where piercing red cliffs fall into the sea. Round off your tour on the beach at the Bay of Porto, where the cliffs break to shelter this vast bay.

Nautical Adventure

Corsica’s glorious coastline offers some truly remarkable activities. Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters or go further and dive to the depths of the islands’ coastline. Try your hand at sea-canoeing or step-up to sailing. If that seems too easy, windsurfing is very popular with strong winds set to propel you along the glorious coast.

Wonders of the South

The southern tip of Corsica is a wonder of natural sights. Try the Lavezzi archipelago, a nature reserve of astounding beauty. Uninhabited islets rise from the inviting waters, accessible through a number of boat operators – perfect for snorkelling. Along the coast you’ll find beaches like the Plage de Palombaggia, probably the most exquisite beach in the Mediterranean, where translucent turquoise waters meet white sand and a Corsican pine border. Saint Cyprien, Panarello and Tizzano complete any beach tour.

Coastal Living

From towns with grand marinas to small, quaint fishing villages, island life is no more tranquil than next to the sea. Bastia exemplifies the big town charms, with grand, honey-hued buildings lining the front. Ajaccio and Porto Vecchio similarly invite visitors to explore buzzing streets packed with fine fare. Yet the smaller fishing villages pack a punch when it comes to irresistible charms – lose yourself in the hidden delights of Erbalunga, Sisco, Centuri, and Cannelle.