Road trip: Lake District

This uniquely wild landscape has long proved an irresistible draw. Piercing crags fall dramatically to vast, shimmering lakes, setting a dramatic scene that beguiles visitors. It’s no surprise that the Romantics had a long established love affair with the area – discover its beauty for yourself. Lowther Castle In the land of Romantics, this grandiose folly seems rather apt. Built in the 19th century, its … Continue reading Road trip: Lake District

Secret guide: Venice

A seemingly impossible, wholly mystifying destination, Venice sits resplendent in a moody lagoon. The audacious Venetians built palaces of marble, hiding labyrinthine streets and creating a unique culture that still permeates everyday life. From the rich offerings of the lagoon providing a feast of seafood, to the secrecy and opulence of the Baroque Carnivale and the pioneering Renaissance publications of the Ghetto, Venice has always … Continue reading Secret guide: Venice

Discover the flavours of Provence

Explore the region’s fine foodie offerings, for a taste of the Provençal life. From iconic wine regions to farm-to-table produce, Provence is a coveted destination for foodie travellers. Local Flavours Provençal cuisine is a rich helping of vibrant colours and tastes, borne out of verdant farmland that offers rich pickings at local markets. Fresh ingredients are a staple of the region’s cooking, where some of … Continue reading Discover the flavours of Provence

Secret guide: Florence

Immerse yourself in this magically romantic city. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, lose yourself in medieval streets and discover artworks and landmarks belonging to some of the greatest thinkers in history. Intricate, magnificent churches and cathedrals like the Duomo and Basilica di Santa Croce illuminate the city in splendour, whilst Florentines sip espressos and sink into delicious aperitivo on the city’s grand piazzas. Explore … Continue reading Secret guide: Florence

Secret guide: Tuscany

Tuscany is quintessential Italy, a distilled version of the charms and passions that make the country so unique. Rolling valleys offer up vineyards of international renown, interspersed by a network of startlingly original medieval towns. Straddling the hills, they sit resplendent in the glowing Tuscan light, inviting any traveller to explore their labyrinthine streets to find hidden enotecas, trattorias, and artisan workshops. Renaissance splendour resides … Continue reading Secret guide: Tuscany

Secret guide: Rome

No city is quite as captivating as Rome. From the buzz of mopeds to the tempting coffee aromas that sift heavily from a host of classic espresso bars, to the startling sprawl of ancient Roman ruins that pierce the city and halt its modernity, Rome is a treasured hotbed of fervent passion and restless culture. Narrow streets uncover hidden, buzzing enotecas, whilst cosy trattorias and … Continue reading Secret guide: Rome

Nine charming small towns you need to visit in the South of France

When sunshine, incredible food and compelling landscapes call your name, add these small French towns to your must-visit list: from a hilltop spot overlooking the whole of the French Riviera to the canal-filled Venice of Provence, these underrated and lesser-known destinations promise all the trimmings of a classic Southern French getaway – minus the buzzing crowds. Èze For a quiet and scenic break away from … Continue reading Nine charming small towns you need to visit in the South of France

Six of the best beaches in Thailand

From the surreal shores of Ko Samui to a paradisal island turned film set in the Phi Phi archipelago, dazzling emerald waters and sun-warmed sands aren’t hard to find across Thailand – and more often than not, they come served with a surprisingly fair dose of seclusion. We hand-pick six of the best in the region for travellers looking to revel in local nightlife, explore … Continue reading Six of the best beaches in Thailand

Why you can’t possibly find the Maldives boring

Scattered through the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are the stuff that castaway island fantasies are made of. The 26 ring-shaped atolls are comprised of over 1,000 coral islands, yet only 200 or so are inhabited, creating a real-life, far-flung paradise. Many a honeymooner has ventured here to while away a week or two on the white sands of a dreamy island … Continue reading Why you can’t possibly find the Maldives boring

Insider tips from our resident Paris experts

Paris is instantly recognisable – the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, crimson pergaloniums bobbing on Haussmann balconies. Yet past these icons lies a city brimming with diverse experiences; we spoke to our Paris experts Judy and Stephanie, who hand-pick the finest hotels in the city, to give us an inside glance at what makes the City of Lights so enthralling… Experience artistic Paris “It’s when I’m … Continue reading Insider tips from our resident Paris experts