Why Curaçao is the Caribbean island you need to visit…

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Nestled in the Leeward Antilles, Curaçao is a cultural melting pot with all the temptations of a Caribbean island – impressively turquoise waters, swaying palm trees and white sands, fiery cuisine and an intoxicating joie de vivre. 

The living is good; pretty Willemstadt is a serene island capital, where Dutch colonial townhouses frame the quiet harbour in a wash of pastel colours. The vibe is laid back and chilled, with a smattering of delectable restaurants and cool waterside cafes. 

In the food, the style and the many languages locals speak, you’ll unravel centuries of history. From ancient Arawaks, Spanish, British and Dutch colonialists, Jewish settlers and to Afro-Caribbean culture – it has all affected the island, its culture, its food and its personality. That vibrant and diverse cultural mix is complemented by some of the most gorgeous scenery anywhere in the world. From lauded diving spots to pretty hiking trails, incredible coastlines and near-perfect weather, Curaçao is the Caribbean island you need to visit.

Beautiful beaches

Here’s your opportunity to try and tick off over 30 gorgeous beaches during your stay. If that sounds like too much hard work, the golden sands of Kenepa, Playa PortoMari and Mambo are the island’s most popular, each imbued with postcard-perfect scenes. Think lush hilly backdrops, lazy palms, white white white sands, and clear turquoise waters. For a little excitement in the mix, head for Playa Kalki, a hotspot for snorkelling, diving and other waterborne pursuits.

Superb diving spots

Curaçao is renowned for its scuba diving locations. There’s plenty for beginners and pros alike, with an offshore reef allowing for reef-diving fun just a walk from the beach. Beginners should start at the aptly named Booby Trap, a sloping reef with all manner of colourful corals. This one needs a boat for access, but the effort is justly rewarded. Porto Mari is better for easy access, and all manner of sealife – including the odd turtle or ray – can be spied. If shipwrecks are your thing, there’s a few of those to discover too. Curaçao’s clear waters offer fantastic visibility, so much so that night diving is increasingly popular. 

Shete Boka National Park

In lieu of beaches, Curaçao’s northern coastline offers something much more enthralling. Shete Boka, the seven inlets, are a series of sea bluffs and caves, each relentlessly pounded by crashing waves. Walking the bluffs and ridges is a hair-raising experience, with sea foam flung high into the air. Boka Pistol is a more shocking inlet, its unique size causing an audible crack when the waves crash in. 

Christoffel National Park

This vast parkland offers some gorgeous jungled slopes to explore. There’s eight hiking trails to choose from, including tackling the Christoffel mountain, or take the two driving trails to explore the deep corners of the park. The Mountain Car Route takes you through orchid trails, copper mines and old plantation houses, with all manner of stunning views. The Northern Car Route shows off the incredible birdlife, plus old Caquetío cave paintings as it winds its way to the coast. 

Where to stay: Sandals Royal Curaçao

Discover the latest resort from Sandals. Nestled in the southern corner of this beautiful island, indulge in a Luxury Included® stay where only five star will do. Discover what makes the latest Sandals Royal Curaçao resort so exciting below. 

A Sandals First

Endless waters await in Sandals’ first-ever two-level infinity pool, where the views extend to the horizon.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Discover the sublime waters of Curaçao from the comfort of your Sandals Resort. With only the best, PADI® certified instructors, the finest equipment and state-of-the-art boats, it’s never been easier to try scuba diving. If you’re a certified diver, it’s all included. If you’re new, a small fee covers excellent training, or you can opt for snorkelling instead. 

Mini Cooper Convertible

Another Sandals first, explore the island in the stylish Mini Cooper Convertible, complimentary to guests staying in the Kurason Island Suites and Awa Seaside Bungalows.

Exceptional Stays

For an all-out luxury stay, discover the Awa Seaside Bungalows and Kurason Island Suites. Choose whether you want space by the pool or space by the beach, in these breezy suite stays. 

New Dining

Eight fabulous restaurants await at Sandals Royal Curaçao. Try something new every day, from local flavours to international fusion cooking. With many of those restaurants unique to Sandals Curaçao, there’s always a unique cuisine to indulge in. Try it all with no limits; unlimited food and premium drinks are all included. 


Sink into the unique lifestyle of Sandals Royal Curaçao. In the day, explore the resort on a Dutch bike, stop off at the Amsterdam-style Kanal Cafe for tasty Dutch treats, or kick-back on the beach whilst trying out three beachside food trucks.

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